S.E.O. Web Site "TUNE UP"

Many web sites look great but are missing KEY ELIMENTS needed for better search engine ranking. When was the last time you updated your information on your web site? If you have not made updates to your web site you could be missing out and lossing valuable rankings. If you are looking to increase your organic results then you need to have as many of these items in place. Auto Web Design can help, we will use our web searching tools to gather information about your web site and  make sound recommendations to areas of your site that need attention. Auto Web Design Web Site Tune Up will help make the difference between your web site and your competition. -  Below is the list of the items we will be reviewing to complete your web site tuneup.

Our SEO analyzer is a powerful tool that checks over 20 known elements that affect your rankings in the search engines.  The tool will crawl your web site, similar to a search engine, and report on the strengths and weaknesses of the website's overall structure and then offer suggestions    for improvement. By following the detailed information provided you will be able to optimize your web pages for top search engine rankings. 

W3C Validator:
We perform a systems "W3C Validator" that checks your entire website and evaluates its conformance with W3C open standards to quickly identify areas  of your website that need your attention.

Broken Link Checker:
We check for broken links within your web site that effect the performance. After collecting and reviewing your web site we report any found broken links on your web site. Don't be sending your customers to a non working page. We can help you fix this issue.

Spider Page Analyzer:
We spider your web sites top pages and report information on each of these pages. The information reported to you is what each search engine looks at when indexing your site. See how each of your pages show by URL - Title - Description - Keywords - With recommendations about each of these pages. Our reports help you determine what needs to be added or removed. 

Web Site Ranking Analyzer:
While you may have submitted your web site to the search engines, most engines take 3 weeks to 3 months to add your web site. So please be patient. Do you know where your site ranks? We will run a search to tell you if your sites is ranking in the top pages of
All The Web - Altavista - AOL - DMOZ - Google - Bing - Yahoo

After completing your Tune Up all of the above information will be emailed to the email addrress you supplied. We do not adjust or make any changes
to your web site when performing these inspections. Any changes to your web site will need to be performed by the owner of the web site or someone that has access to the web site. All of the recommendations we make is following guidelines set by the search engines. Our goal is to help you conform to the rules of the search engines and to help you from being blacklisted from the search engines because you are violating their rules. Even though we provide a extensive search of your web site we can not view how you are submitting your site and whether you are violating those rules. We wish you and your web site the best in the rankings