Additional Web Services

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  • SEO Tune up

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    • Have our internet designers review your web site and evaluated your web site for items that the search engine are looking for placement in their search engines. We submit once a month for organic rankings. We review the major search engines changes in there rules for placement for better organic ranking.
  • E Commerce Shopping Cart

    From $34.95/mo
    $120.00 Setup Fee
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    • Add a full shopping cart service to your web hosting solution. With our shopping carts you can sell 10 items or 1,000 of items and NO additional fee. You only pay for your service and keep the rest. Shopping carts do require SSL certificate and a merchant service like paypal to take credit cards. But there are no additional fee or charges for the amount of items you sell.
  • SSL Server Signed

    $3.00 Setup Fee
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    • This SSL product is a self signed security sign certificate. A SSL certificate shows your customers that your web site is secured. Improves web presence and assures your customers that you are protecting there information anytime they transmit information to you via the internet.
  • Spam Protection

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    • Add a additional layer of protection to your email account with our spam magic email protection. This is the perfect solution for those managing a domain with many email users. This package purchase is for the entire domain. No limit on how many emails you have in your account. The service covers them all and you have access to the setting with in your console.
  • Dedicated Private IP Address

    From $18.95/mo
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